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Great concept, poor execution

I mean, it’s a gorgeous app and the text and images are great. Unfortunately if you travel across timezones as I often do, you’ll find the app skips ahead and spoils the fun. I sent “feedback” to the developers suggesting that they anchor the time of the events to the location/time zone where the events actually occurred. My thoughts being, in the Information Age, when something happens at 9pm on the east coast, you don’t wait until 9pm on the west coast to hear about it. It’s more realistic this way and solves the issue that occurs when you’re a business traveler like myself. The response I got was essentially that they were uninterested. Unfortunate as I eagerly awaited the app’s development, and would gladly pay for additional events should the app actually work.


What a great way to track historic events in “real time”. This app really gives you a sense for how history unfolds by letting you follow along with events from major historical events from around the world. Great for any history buff!

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